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Dongshin Machine is an expert enterprise that manufactures textile manufacturing machinery, having developed with changes in mother yarn markets home and overseas for 23 years. The company’s mother yarn splitting technology recognized at home and overseas has helped form partnership with companies preparing in new demand markets for over 15 years and we are one of those partners.

Mother yarn markets are suitably formed all over the world and more demands are from the developed and developing countries in textile industry.

The company continues to manufacture warping machines at the point of time when mother yarn direct splitting machine is produced, responding to changes in various markets with research and development. Moreover, warping machines are made ready for production after complete research and development responding to partner company’s demands.

The company endeavors to have simple management process and more efficient worker-oriented production for workers, focusing on high quality, convenience of workers, the greatest efficiency of production, and automated production process.

We seek to proceed in the future with you, keeping pace with changes in textile markets. We would like to prepare the future as your partner with close relationship, coping with changes of markets with our technical know-how combined with your production know-how. We, always open-minded, will listen to you.